South Korea: Environmental challenges meet ingenious European solutions

South Korea: Environmental challenges meet ingenious European solutions

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Korea’s recent government policies like “Resource Circulation Economy and Society” are directed towards a rapid transformation of its environment and water sectors.

Domestic and foreign investments in these fields are heavily focused on improving the efficiency of natural resources, as well as improving its recycling technologies.

The main sub-sectors that dominate the market are waste management and recycling, water supply and waste water treatment and air pollution prevention.

The demand in these areas is steadily high.

Korea seeks new technologies that are energy efficient, highly operational, digitally advanced, easy to maintain and adapted to local regulations.

In the waste sub-sector, opportunities abound for companies that offer waste-to-energy technologies or facilities, mechanical biological treatment, recycling machinery, incineration and landfill machinery, and waste collection and transport.

Water companies offering solutions dedicated to the water supply chain, water treatment, storage, filters, pumps, valves and purifiers, sterilising machinery, sewage treatment, and operations & maintenance are also in high demand.

Other areas in which Korea has a gap are air pollution control technologies, noise and vibration control systems, soil prevention and restoration solutions and data collection.

The environmental sector, growing annually by 15%, is gradually opening to foreign actors. While public contracts still are a majority, more and more opportunities are surfacing for private contracting.

It is thus an excellent opportunity for companies that are open to joint collaborations with local companies.

The Environment & Water Technologies [1] sector in Korea is the focus of the EU Gateway | Business Avenues business mission [2] in September 2019.

Up to 50 European companies will showcase their products during a two-day exhibition event, will have pre-arranged and spontaneous meetings with local companies and will be coached on how to snatch the opportunities available for foreign companies on the Korean market.

Are wastewater treatment, air pollution control, waste management, recycling, soil prevention, noise protection, fresh water supply or other environment and water solutions at the heart of your business?

You might have a chance to be selected for the EU-funded business mission in 2019.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to establish long-term partnerships and acquire new customers in Korea.

Find more details about the opportunity at this link [2] and send your expression of interest before 10 May 2019.

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