Market insight: Green Energy Technologies in Malaysia

Market insight: Green Energy Technologies in Malaysia

Market insight: Green Energy Technologies in Malaysia

Malaysia aims to be a Green Technology hub by 2030, when the industry is expected to reach a target contribution of € 13 billion of the national GDP. The focus is on technologies such as green public transport (electric buses), electric vehicles, solar rooftops, green ICT, green building, and solutions to convert waste into energy. Specific targets are:

  • 1,340 MW installed capacity by 2030 for palm oil biomass, the highest among other types of renewable energy
  • 850 MW of solar photovoltaic as building integrated applications by 2030
  • 100,000 electric cars, 100,000 electric motorcycles, 2,000 electric buses and 125,000 charging stations by 2020
  • Malaysia ranked 18th in the World Global Competitiveness Report 2015-2016. The outlook for green technologies has remained strong, as the government has taken considerable steps to spur the growth of the sector in Malaysia.

The pursuit of green growth for sustainability is a key strategy outlined in the 11th Malaysia national development plan. The feed-in-tariff mechanism in Malaysia has been successful in making renewable energy competitive with conventional energy sources. Key Green Energy sub-sectors and technologies are:

  • Electric vehicle components
  • Solar PV modules and balance of system
  • LED and OLED
  • Biomass fuel/power using indigenous feedstock
  • Methane capture and biogas power plants

The market offers interesting opportunities for EU companies in the following product areas:

  • Technologies, partnerships and research co-operation to support the electric vehicle ecosystem (electric vehicle components and charging station manufacturing, design, assembly and packaging)
  • Partnerships to develop local talent and skills in servicing electric vehicles and installation and maintenance of electric vehicle charging stations
  • Provision of financing – private equity, venture funds and capital market instruments to reduce financing barrier faced by small and medium enterprises
  • Technologies, partnerships and research co-operation in industrial waste recycling and wastewater treatment systems
  • Developing utility scale solar power plants
  • Partnerships to transfer technology in converting biomass to biofuels and biochemical and fuel switching (industries to utilise biomass waste)

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