EU Gateway | Business Avenues opens for market scoping missions to Japan

EU Gateway to Japan runs 2017-2019

EU Gateway | Business Avenues opens for market scoping missions to Japan

In 2017 EU Gateway | Business Avenues sees a new market added to its roster: Japan. The EU Gateway to Japan will open with two market scoping missions in September and November 2017, joining the other three target markets of Korea, South East Asia, and China.

The programme has been active in Japan since the early nineties, organising about 100 missions in 20 different sectors for over 3,000 European companies. Two thirds of previous participants reported positive business collaboration results after one year and between 2017-2019 there will be a maximum of 12 market scoping missions open to a total of 480 European companies.

EU Gateway to Japan offers coaching, logistical and financial support to European companies targeting Japan in the following sectors:

Selected European companies will benefit from professional coaching and receive the opportunity to participate in a one-week market scoping mission focused on a specific sector, with bespoke trade information and pre-arranged business meetings. The programme offers a holistic set of coaching, and business opportunities:

  • sound out business in promising markets
  • minimise the costs typically required to enter a new market
  • make new contacts and strengthen the company network
  • discuss challenges and opportunities with industry players

The calendar for Japan currently foresees:

New and upcoming missions will be listed in the calendar and all European companies meeting the eligibility criteria can apply on the website.

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