International Network for Small and Medium Enterprises

The International Network for Small and Medium Enterprises – INSME is a knowledge-based Association established in 2004 by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and with the moral sponsorship of the OECD.

Through its Network of Members including both public and private stakeholders active in the field of innovation and technology transfer for the benefit of SMEs, INSME promotes and encourages the exchange and sharing of good practices as well as public-private partnerships.

INSME’s wide portfolio of services contributes to stimulate the dialogue and collaboration among diverse actors in order to develop a fertile environment for SMEs growth in nowadays global and interconnected world. The INSME Annual Meetings, the INSMEAcademy and the Capacity Building Initiatives are among the diamond tips that make INSME a catalyst for innovators, entrepreneurs, policy makers, practitioners and creative minds playing a leading role in today’s business landscape.

More information is available at or by contacting the INSME Secretariat at

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