Can I ship my products in advance? Do I have to pay for the shipping?

If you send duty-payable items for the exhibition, they will need to be imported (temporarily or permanently), stored, and delivered to the exhibition venue. If your items are temporarily imported, they will also need to be shipped out after the exhibition.
To facilitate this process, we recommend that you use the mission freight forwarder. You should arrange shipping of your packages with your local shipper and name the mission forwarder as the consignee to receive the shipment upon arrival in Korea.
You can find contact information of the mission freight forwarder and details of how to ship items to them in the Shipping Manual on the website Members Area and on the Reply Forms.
IMPORTANT: Do not send any duty-payable items to the mission hotel — they will be held at customs and will not be available to you in time for the Business Exhibition.
You can send duty-free paper items (brochures, etc.) directly to the mission hotel or an existing business contact if you have one.


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