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Food Safety Technologies & Services in China

Food Safety Technologies & Services in China

China’s rapid industrialisation and urbanisation has resulted in an emerging middle class that is more focused than ever on food quality and safety throughout the food supply chain, from production to retail.

The main drivers for these concerns are environmental pollution, excessive use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and veterinary drugs, unsanitary storage and handling, and the sale of fake or expired products. Addressing these concerns is now a key part of China transition into a consumer oriented economy.

Food traceability is one of the most pressing concerns to consumers in China. The global traceability market is expected to reach US $19 billion by 2018, with much of this growth due to the improvement of systems in both India and China.

Growing foodborne illness outbreaks due to food contamination and consumer preference for higher quality and safer products has led to huge growth in Asia’s food testing market.

Food supply chain safety technologies, and food storage and transport will see increase in demand to ensure consumer confidence.
More opportunities for European companies looking to export their technologies to China can be found in safety of farming practices and food labelling.
The full Food Safety Technologies & Services market study on China, produced by EU Gateway | Business Avenues financed by the European Union is available to download here.

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