EU Gateway | Business Avenues confirms four market scoping missions to Japan for 2018

EU Gateway | Business Avenues offers a tried and tested approach to accessing the Japanese market, and creating long-lasting business relationships. Thanks to this EU-funded initiative, selected European companies will participate in a one-week market scoping mission to Japan, focused on a specific industry.

Participants receive an all-round package of one-on-one coaching before the mission starts, information on doing business in Japan, and industry specific reports. During the mission, companies benefit from pre-arranged business meetings with potential clients or distributors, attend networking events, and site visits.

The first market scoping mission of 2018 will target Environment & Water Technologies from 21-25 May 2018 in Tokyo. In addition to the combination of services offered by EU Gateway | Business Avenues, companies will also have a built-up booth at the N-EXPO in Tokyo. Deadline for application is 2 February 2018.

Two other confirmed market scoping missions have already been scheduled in 2018. Each of them offer coaching in Europe and Japan, and will be linked to a parallel event:

  • Green Energy Technologies from 18-22 June 2018. Companies will also participate in the Grand Renewable Energy 2018 International Conference & Exhibition in Yokohama. Deadline for application is 2 March 2018.
  • Construction & Building Technologies from 19-23 November 2018. This mission will run concurrently with the Japan Home Show in Tokyo. Deadline for application is 27 July 2018.

Companies who are eligible to apply can browse through our calendar for an overview of all upcoming market scoping missions, and start their online application process!

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