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Uncover new business in the healthcare & medical technologies sector in Korea

Uncover new business in the healthcare & medical technologies sector in Korea

South Korea’s healthcare system is performant and highly efficient.

Having adopted universal healthcare coverage in 1989, the country has been able to provide top-class services to its citizens ever since.

Despite an ageing population and increasing healthcare expenditures, South Korea has a growing workforce that can meet the demands and is able to produce modern, innovative technologies.

The healthcare sector in Korea relies mostly on private providers, both domestic and foreign, to provide the best solutions available.

It is a world-class provider of medical tourism and plastic surgery services, but other sub-sectors have a requisite for imported solutions.

Societal changes induce demand for more cost-efficient and high performing medical devices, which in some cases aren’t produced locally.

Assistive technologies, robotics, telemedicine, rehabilitation, kinesiatrics, dental equipment, research & development technologies and services and AI-based solutions are some of the areas where European innovations could thrive.

In other fields where Korea is more competitive, like nanotechnology and imaging systems, there are still potential opportunities for European companies to collaborate with local providers and help advance the technologies offered on the local market.

A good local partner can be a company’s entryway onto the Korean market.

To benefit European companies, EU Gateway │Business Avenues opened another EU-funded mission for applications.

For suitable companies, it is an opportunity to get their solutions in front of the Korean audience and explore business opportunities on the market.

Ahead of the mission week, participants are being coached on doing business in Korea and helped to build their meeting schedule for the mission.

The business mission week is the time to have pre-arranged and spontaneous business meetings and see the new connections turn into clients and business partners.

To see if you qualify for the programme and to get started on your application, check more information at this link.

Applications close on 15 November.

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