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New Green Energy Technology business mission concluded successfully in Korea

Thirty-one European companies attended the EU Gateway business mission to Korea Green Energy Technologies 29 January – 2 February 2018.

The European companies offered a very diverse range of products and services covering renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro and tidal power, biogas, technology for increasing energy conservation and energy efficiency.

At the Networking event, the EU Ambassador to the Republic of Korea – Michael Reiterer – highlighted that this business mission could not have been organised in a better moment, given President Moon's significant change in policy priority: environment and climate change moved up the political agenda. Cooperation between European and Korean companies can contribute to meeting the Republic of Korea's ambitious target to provide a fifth of the country's total electricity from renewable energy by 2030, up from only 7% in 2016.

Korean participants shared their appreciation for the event, and provided a positive feedback on the companies and products displayed during the two exhibition days. This interest has generated more than 600 business-to-business meetings, leading to imports, joint collaboration or technology ties.

The Green Energy Technologies business mission has been the sixth of 20 business missions that will be carried out during the period 2016-2020. They focus on five sectors with high potential for cooperation between European and Korean companies: Green Energy Technologies, Environment & Water Technologies, Healthcare & Medical Technologies, Organic Food & Beverage, and - for the first time in 2018 -  Contemporary European Design. For more information on the upcoming business mission consult the mission calendar.

The EU Gateway │Business Avenue Programme is an initiative funded by the European Union helping European companies to establish long-lasting business collaborations in Asia.

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