Japan’s environmental market will focus on waste management, recycling, and water solutions

Japan’s environmental market will be worth €493 billion by 2020: this will make room for European companies with unique technologies linked to circular economy, water supply management of natural hazards and ICT-enabled projects to expand.

Waste management, water solutions, ICT and automated technologies in control and measurement systems are among the various promising sectors in the country.

Japan has limited land available for landfills, making waste management a vital sector. Recycling and waste disposal, food waste reduction and recycling, innovative measurement, extraction, sorting and selection systems are major focus areas.  

Water solutions opportunities mostly lie with the infrastructure (monitoring, maintenance of sewage systems), recycling, and purification technologies.

In general, there is a demand for ICT and automation technologies in control and measurement systems, contaminated site remediation and regeneration of brownfield sites.  

From 11-15 March 2019, EU Gateway | Business Avenues will send up to 40 of the most innovative and likely to succeed companies to Tokyo for a market-scoping mission in Environment & Water Technologies.

Companies can download the business mission information and apply online before 23 November 2018.

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