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How can European companies transform the railway sector in Japan

In 2019, EU Gateway | Business Avenues continues its proposition for European companies in the railway sector that plan to expand in Japan.

Following the success of the 2017 business mission edition, the programme is yet again on the lookout for up to 40 of the most advanced companies in the field.

Your company could be one of them.

Japan has a railway market worth €57 billion. Though seemingly daunting to tackle, the market has plenty of prospects to exploit.

The Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement is set to nurture closer bilateral relationships between the two economies and ensure faster access for foreign companies.

What kinds of companies can contribute to developing the Japanese railway industry beyond its scope?

There is a continuous need for solutions that can help relieve Japan’s most pressing transportation problems.

Traffic congestion, cybersecurity technologies & systems, energy efficiency, long-term sustainability and reliability, and labour shortage in the industry are some of the most pressing issues Japan is looking for a solution.

Companies offering technologically advanced, cost-effective and energy-saving railway systems have the best shot at thriving on the market.

In high demand are systems such as safety technologies, particularly for high speed and urban railways, energy saving and energy storage technologies, including for hybrid-type vehicles, solutions that cater towards the luxury touristic / sightseeing sector, especially ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics event, high efficiency and low cost railway operation and transport systems, and solutions that serve the sustainable urban living and mobility branch.

In a nutshell, companies in the following sub-sectors are a fit: rolling stock and locomotives, including components and technologies, railway infrastructure, railway service provision & maintenance, railway command, control & communications, railway security, safety and crisis prevention and management.

If your company provides one or more of the above, then the second edition of the EU Gateway | Business Avenues Railway Services & Technologies mission is for you.

The weeklong business mission is an opportunity for the participants to make strategic contacts in the industry and secure long-standing partners and customers in Japan.

The programme helps participant companies conquer the complex requirements of the market and assists them logistically and financially.

For more details, check more information about the business mission here and send your expression of interest before 19 July.

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