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Green, smart buildings, and infrastructure desired in Singapore and Philippines' urban landscapes

Singapore and the Philippines are both projected to heavily invest in construction and building projects in the coming years.

In Singapore, the Ministry of National Development is chiefly responsible for national land use planning and development. Public investments in transport and non-residential infrastructure scheduled up to 2025 will strongly support construction activity. The Building & Construction Authority of Singapore projects a construction demand growth of up to €22 billion per year within the next 4 years, with construction projects totalling 1.24% of GDP.

Moreover, Singaporean firms seek partners with products, technologies and services specialised in Design for Manufacturing & Assembly as part of the Construction Industry Transformation Map 2017.

The country’s will also focus on digital transformation and a greener construction industry to address rapid urbanisation.

Over the next decade, the Philippines will heavily invest in public infrastructure, mainly with the Build, Build, Build Programme, which will devote €1.4 billion from 2017 to 2022 on infrastructure projects. The number one priority will be transportation infrastructure, to relieve widespread traffic congestion.

Green building, green architecture, IoT and smart building solutions will be sought-after for industrialised cities like Manila and emerging urban areas. Construction-related materials including steel and cement manufacturing facilities are also expected to be in demand.   

EU Gateway | Business Avenues will hold a unique business mission in Construction & Building Technologies to Singapore and Philippines from 4-10 November 2019. The mission will start in Singapore then carry on to Manila where companies will exhibit at Philconstruct Philippines 2019. Online applications are open until 21 June 2019.

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