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European healthcare & medical solutions in demand in Korea

European healthcare & medical solutions in demand in Korea

European companies in Healthcare & Medical Technologies are invited to leap at the opportunity to be selected for the EU-financed business mission to Korea in 2019.

Selected companies will embark on a five-day mission week in Seoul, packed full of networking events, products showcases, exhibition days, and an opportunity to visit the Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES).

What profiles does this mission target? The following sub-sectors are the main focus of the mission next March: assistive technologies, medical equipment, ICT for health, telemedicine and remote health monitoring, nanotechnology healthcare, life science and biotechnology for health and dental products.

For European companies with Korea on the business roadmap, the mission is a one of a kind opportunity to discover and enter the market without the hassle. Extensive coaching from local experts, matchmaking services and promotion on the target market are provided to all participants.

Gain insight into local trends in the healthcare and medical technologies industry and meet high-level representatives of reputable companies in Korea at pre-arranged business meetings, which might turn into long-term collaborations.

European companies selected for previous editions of the mission deemed the opportunity as an experience not to miss. Now is your time to act upon the desire to expand to Korea and apply to the EU-financed business mission for before 9 November 2018.

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