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Environment & Water Technologies in Korea

Environment & Water Technologies in Korea

Since 2009, Korea has worked to integrate green growth into its overall industrial development strategy, increasing the environmental market share to reach KRW 98.1 trillion (EUR 78.1 billion) in 2014.

In the sewage/wastewater treatment industry, European companies can find opportunities in advanced filtration, membrane filtration, sludge dewatering systems, and anaerobic digestion.

There is in general a reluctance to drinking tap water in Korea, due to the taste of chlorine and concerns over old water pipes. In that respect, the Korean government provides public R&D investment in the development of core water treatment technology, as well as the restoration of healthy aquatic ecology.

Air quality has worsened considerably in the recent years in Korea, which is why the government has launched the “Second Master Plan” in 2014 which runs up to 2024. The aim of this plan is to reduce emission of pollutants such as ultrafine particles and ozone by 34% to 56%. European companies can find opportunities in continuous emissions monitoring systems, ambient air quality monitoring equipment, source emissions measurements technologies.

Waste management has also been increasingly at the top of the agenda for the Korea government. Market opportunities for equipment and services are seen in waste collection technologies, sanitary landfill systems, waste handling equipment, waste treatment technologies.

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This study covers additional industries such as: recycling, noise prevention, soil prevention, and biogas.

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