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Cooperation and business opening in South East Asia for European environment & water companies

Cooperation and business opening in South East Asia for European environment & water companies

South East Asia’s rapid economic growth in the last few decades has led to numerous new environmental issues, including air pollution, water scarcity and pollution, and habitat destruction.

The brisk urbanisation and fast industrialisation processes carry several menacing consequences for the environment.

In countries like Singapore and Vietnam, the local governments are striving to counteract any negative developments by introducing a number of public initiatives.

In Vietnam, for instance, the government is promoting the use of new technologies in the environment and water sectors and is opening up to solutions offered by foreign parties.

Water supply management and wastewater treatment are high on the list of priorities for the Vietnamese government.

The industry, estimated to reach €208 million in 2022, is directing attention towards providing the population with safe drinking water and collecting and treating urban wastewater more efficiently.

In the current trend, new opportunities arise for European companies in these sectors, particularly those who address matters like membrane filtration, leakage control, flood management, energy efficiency, and optimised system automation.

Most opportunities revolve around sophisticated, clever solutions like sensors and monitoring equipment and systems, portable water treatment equipment, water supply restoration systems, solid waste management and recycling equipment, modular and industrial waste and wastewater treatment equipment, and wastewater treatment solutions that have a reduced carbon footprint.

Singapore’s resource scarcity is one of the main concerns tackled by the government.

A top priority is the diversification of sources of water, particularly from sustainable supplies, to meet a growing need.  

There’s a high demand for technologically advanced solutions focused on new water and desalinisation, including membrane technology for desalinated water, biological processes, chemical redox, sensors and instrumentation, sludge and brine management, watershed management, decentralised water treatment technologies, industrial water technologies and household water management, among others.

Local and foreign companies alike are invited to propose solutions that are confronting these issues.

The highly competitive market calls for the most innovative, energy-efficient technologies like sensors and instrumentation, water treatment methods, water delivery systems, e-waste recycling technologies, building environment and green architecture solutions.

Air pollution, waste management and energy efficiency are also at the core of the Singaporean government’s efforts. Companies in these sub-sectors are also likely to succeed on the market, provided they maintain high standards regarding cost and resource efficiency.

In its demand for innovation, Singapore is also supporting R&D partnerships between local and foreign companies, especially those fostering sustainable development and strengthening its Zero Waste nation and Circular Economy initiatives.

Entering these two South East Asian markets is now easier than ever, especially with the right counsel.

A new EU Gateway | Business Avenues mission for Environment & Water Technologies companies is scheduled for 2020.

It is a chance for up to 50 companies to forge new partnerships and acquire clients in South East Asia.

The programme provides its participants with the necessary tools to conduct business successfully in the new markets.

The EU Gateway | Business Avenues team equips participants with targeted know-how and market studies and helps them integrate the relevant business networks on the local markets.

If Singapore & Vietnam are markets of interest for your company, check out more details about our EU-funded programme and this specific mission and send your expression of interest before 15 May 2020.

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