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Contemporary European Design companies: time to expand to Korea

Korea’s attitude towards home interior and living space has evolved, especially among younger generations wanting to create an aesthetically pleasing personal living space. They are increasingly interested in decorating, and social media platforms dedicated to home décor have become popular.

European brands are perceived as premium ones by Koreans. Contemporary European Design, especially Scandinavian, is prevalent among people under 40 years old.

The booming bar and coffee shop scene embraces industrial metal and minimal pendant lighting.

European companies designing curtains can find many opportunities in Korea for different cultural and functional reasons: privacy in the home is key for Koreans, the general dislike for direct sun exposure, and additional insulation that curtains provide.

More opportunities in home textile, homeware and decorative items, bathroom accessories, and wallpapers exist for European companies wishing to enter into the Korean market.

EU Gateway | Business Avenues will take selected European companies to Seoul from 28 May to 1 June 2018 for a business mission focused on Contemporary European Design.

Companies will benefit from coaching before the mission takes place, market intelligence on market trends in Korea, and advice on IPR issues.

During the mission, they will have pre-arranged business meetings with potential customers and distributors, and the opportunity to showcase their products to a targeted Korean audience.

Interested? Download the business mission information for more details on this opportunity, and apply now! Deadline for applications is 9 February 2018.

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