Contemporary European Design companies, seize new business opportunity in Korea

Contemporary European Design companies, seize new business opportunity in Korea

In May 2019, the EU Gateway | Business Avenues mission for Contemporary European Design is to take up to 50 eager companies from Europe to Seoul, Korea.

It is an opportunity for those companies that are pushing the boundaries of interior design, especially in sub-sectors such as interior lighting, small furniture, finished home textiles, wallpapers, carpets, curtains, decorative items (such as clocks, pottery, high-end design tableware and cutlery) and bathroom accessories.

The participants will have two days to showcase their products to a targeted audience of potential business partners and clients and establish new long-lasting connections on the market. Ad-hoc, pre-scheduled and follow-up business meetings are to take place during the entire week to further new and existing opportunity avenues.

And that’s not all.

The mission week in Seoul also includes in-depth presentations of the Korean market on sector-specific issues, held by local experts. These coaching sessions are meant to help steer participants into the direction of understanding the trends in the local contemporary design sector.

Furthermore, the participants will have a chance to gain further insights into the Contemporary European Design sector in Korea by attending a site visit scheduled on one of the days and several networking events.

To top it all off, the European companies selected for the business mission will be featured in a comprehensive promotional campaign on the Korean market, thus ensuring companies a visibility boost and leading the way into new business relationships.

Could this be the opportunity your company was looking for?

It might just be. Check more details about the EU-funded opportunity and apply before 1 February 2019.

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