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Information & Communication Technologies






The Information & Communication Technologies Sector covers companies supplying products and services to the information technology economy in its broad sense in areas such as: big data; e-commerce; e-government; e-health, e-care; cloud services; on-line platforms; protection of personal data; audio-visual media services; on-demand services; e-transport; e-energy; cyber security; robotics; 3D printing; Internet of Things; embedded technology; wearable and apps; mobile cloud; smart cities solutions. Recent trends underline the concept of Circular Economy – use of digital information technologies or engineering/ physical technologies to help businesses become more efficient in their product design, extending the product lifecycle, greater durability or reusability/ recycling and resource efficiency.

Relevant sub-sectors include:

  • Information Technology Equipment. IT equipment is technological hardware used in the processing of information in the form of data (input, process, output, communication, and storage). The Sub-sector covers products such as: smart handheld devices; media tablets; 3D printing; wearable technologies.
  • Information Technology Services: IT services is the provision of labour-based services, which assist individuals and organizations in the implementation, management, and operation of computer systems, peripherals, storage, network equipment, and software. The Sub-sector includes: IT consulting; system integration; IT education; satellite services.
  • Information Technology Software. A software is a set of instructions that cause a computer to perform one or more tasks. The Sub-sector covers products such as: virtual machine software; applications; data protection; network solutions; software defined networks.
  • Telecommunication Equipment. Telecommunications equipment is hardware used for the purposes of telecommunications. The Sub-sector covers products such as: smart phones; routers; IPTV equipment. 
  • Telecommunication Services: Telecommunication Services are services provided by a telecommunication provider. The Sub-sector includes: internet access; mobile data services; fixed voice telephony.
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