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Become a Partner

checkbox.png Criteria for partnering

To become a Partnership Organisation an organisation must meet the following list of criteria:

  • To be affiliated to, and active in, more than one EU member state
  • To be able to demonstrate having a considerable network and reach capacity to generate applications from European companies for EU Gateway | Business Avenues
  • Not be affiliated with a religious or political party

EU Gateway | Business Avenues will screen each potential partner against the three criteria and then transfer the positive pre-assessments to the European Commission, Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI). The FPI decides if the organisation can become a Partner Organisation.


giftbox.png Benefits

The partnership can deliver the following benefits to partners:

  • Premium content
  • Co-branding opportunities
  • Expand the network of Partner Organisations


apply.png Submit your request for partnership

By filling the form below, you declare to have read and accept the terms and conditions:




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