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European Cluster Collaboration Platform ECCP

The European Cluster Collaboration Platform is a service facility aiming to provide cluster organisations with modern tools

These tools allow to:

  • make efficient use of networking instruments (search/find potential partners and opportunities)
  • develop collaboration trans-nationally (within Europe) and internationally (beyond Europe)
  • support the emergence of new value chains through cross-sectorial cooperation
  • access the latest quality information on cluster development
  • improve their performance and increase their – as well as their members’ - competitiveness.

We offer both virtual facilities and live activities like cluster matchmaking events to be organized both in Europe and beyond.

The virtual services include:

  • a dynamic mapping of profiled cluster organisations worldwide with new search facilities based on special filters
  • detailed information on the European Strategic Cluster Partnerships
  • a “marketplace” where cluster organisations can exchange their offers and demands
  • existing “gateways” as organizations supporting SMEs internationalisation processes
  • a unique collection of profiled cluster-related projects developed under various European programmes besides special sections for matchmaking or for showcasing good practices as inspiration sources.

ECCP shapes its services primarily for the needs of cluster managements, but its rich content can be useful for both the cluster members and for the cluster policy makers at regional, national or international level. Although the European cluster organisations, by their number and long history of development, make an important part of the platform, ECCP is open and connected to the whole world, with a special focus on certain specific third countries of strategic interest (see “International Cooperation”).

Being at the service of cluster organisations, with a unique offer of facilities and tools to create a favourable environment for collaboration to emerge and develop, ECCP aims to become the leading European hub for international cluster cooperation, building cluster bridges between Europe and the world.

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