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European Circular Construction Alliance ECCA

The main objective of the ECCA project is to establish European Circular Construction Alliance (ECCA), an EU wide metacluster as a long term European Strategic Cluster Partnership (ESCP) supporting clusters and business network organizations, their SMEs and other cluster members collaborating for innovation, market-uptake, and marketing of competitive products, services and technologies in the field of circular construction and support SMEs in global competition. 

Circular construction adopts the principles of circular economy along the lifecycle of buildings,   from   the   extraction   of   building   materials,   design,   and   production,   and construction, operation/maintenance, retrofitting, to the demolition and recycling of materials (end of life). Circular construction  builds  upon  intensive  clustering  of  activities  and  industry  actors  in  construction sector, and most importantly with other industries (eco-innovative, green technologies, waste management),  stakeholders  such  as  municipalities,  and  knowledge  actors.  It  is  the  21st Century`s  opportunity  for  European  building  and  construction  industry  to  take  a  worldwide lead and sustain its growth.

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