New Edition | EU Gateway | Business Avenues

New Edition

EU Gateway │Business Avenues is an initiative funded by the European Union. Building on over 25 years of successful experience, it helps European companies to establish long-lasting business collaborations in Asia.

The new programme launched in 2016 will offer business missions to Korea, South East Asia, China and Japan. A business mission in South East Asia always starts in Singapore and will then include a visit to one other country among the following Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Each business mission accommodates up to 50 European companies (40 to Japan).

EU Gateway │Business Avenues will organise over 50 business missions between 2016 and 2020. Selected European companies will get the opportunity to participate in a one-week business mission focused on a specific sector:
•    Green Energy Technologies
•    Environment & Water Technologies
•    Clean Technologies
•    Healthcare & Medical Technologies
•    Construction & Building Technologies
•    Information & Communication Technologies
•    Contemporary European Design
•    Organic Food & Beverage (Processed Organic only in Korea)
•    Railway Technologies & Services

Business missions are entry tickets to markets with challenging business culture or regulatory constraints. Through a dedicated team in Europe as well as in local markets, EU Gateway | Business Avenues offers a unique set of services to:
•    Sound out business opportunities in promising markets
•    Minimise the costs typically required to enter a new market
•    Make new contacts and strengthen the company network
•    Discuss challenges and opportunities with industry players
•    Benefit from professional coaching and follow-up at all stages.

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